Friday, April 9, 2010

Romper 411.

Here's the deal,

I have ALWAYS had issues with romper wearing chicks. The problem I have always found is in the buns. Seriously, never seen a set of buns that looked cute in a romper. Whether it was the "mom jean" elongated look or the UTB (up the butt) wedge look, or the evidence of saggy buns... I have always been less than impressed.

All of that changed, for a minute, when the Easter bunny brought me THE CUTEST romper. Seersucker inspired (from Target, $18, doubt they could really afford to suck the seer) perfect shade of teal and best thing yet, my buns look fab in it. No issues what. so. ever. Until the day I chose to wear it...

I remember it vividly, April 8th, 2010. (yea, it was yesterday) I chose to sport the perfectly put together spring garb on a sunny day because my painting for the week was finished and I wanted to be the cutest gift store owner around. Then it happened. After a day of driving, sitting, standing, sitting, walking, etc. MY. BUNS. SAGGED. (makes me tear up just thinking about it) One minute I was perfect; high heeled sandals, to die for romper, jean jacket with the perfect roll and scrunch, and mini collar-pop (i forgot to mention that, pretty much a necessity as well) and the next I was had some over stretched out leg holes and saggy buns. Mort-i-fying.

The point of this post is to inform the public that after finding the perfect fitting romper be cautious about the amount of time in said product. Rompers should be worn to standing events only lasting a few hours at most. Not the appropriate day to drinks outfit. Unless you want to look like those girls I look at with disgust (and then momentarily became)

Hugs and Kisses.

Your Ensemble Guru.

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